What is the Price or Commission Rate for Collecting Outstanding Debts?

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What is the price or commission rate for collecting outstanding debts?

‘What is the price or commission rate for collecting outstanding debts?’ is one of the most commonly asked questions when considering to instruct a debt collection agency.

These are both great questions!

The simple answer is, it depends on your needs as we will go on to explain.

We've created a specific Pricing Page where we'll talk about the factors that will dictate the reasons you will need to consider before instructing a debt collection agency, the questions you should be asking when deciding which one to use, and general price structure as to what you'll likely spend. And by the time you're done reading this, not only will you have a clear sense for budget, but you'll finally be on that path of getting your debt recovered –and be well informed! Let's dive in.

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Many debt collection agencies fail to address this issue because they don’t want other debt collection agencies to know what their commission rate is, or they don’t want to scare off potential clients if they think they are too expensive.