When an organisation has to consider debt collection, it is already frustrated.

Athena Collections understands your business needs and from the point of engagement, will ensure that the process is efficient and frustration free.

Cash flow is vital to every business and without it some businesses struggle to keep afloat. Let us help.

Allow us to remove the burden of debt collection from your financial department's shoulders and return your assets to you quickly and professionally.

With over 17 years of consumer & corporate debt collection management at our disposal, we are the right people to engage with your debtors and mitigate your losses.

We can assist you with a variety of services such as;

  • Independent accounts receivable management
  • Debt collection
  • Litigation and Insolvency services
  • Tracing, process serving & asset checking
  • Portfolio legal segmentation

We provide all of the above services and therefore there is no requirement to employ other third parties. We manage the entire debt collection process from start to finish so you only have one point of contact thus saving you valuable time whilst solving your debt issues.

At Athena Collections we endorse the following quote by a very successful businessman and we strive to meet these expectations:

"If I had to run a company on three measures, those measures would be customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and cash flow."

'Jack Welch'

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Please feel free to  contact us today for an informal discussion regarding your debt collection needs and a quotation to see if we can be of any assistance to you.