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'To recover money that is rightfully owed to our clients by providing the same advice that we would give to ourselves if we were in a similar situation and always exceeding our clients and regulators expectations.'


An Intelligent Approach to Debt Collection

Athena Collections is a hybrid Receivables Management and Debt Collection Agency. We specialise in all types of credit activity from early stage accounts receivables to late stage post insolvency proceedings and everything in-between.

We understand that the lifeblood of every business is its cash flow so we have put together some FREE Resources which we hope will help you in making bad debts a thing of the past.

The purpose of these FREE Resources is to help give you a better understanding of the debt collection process and improve your own internal bad debt processes with a view to escalating to a reputable debt collection agency if the need arises.

Below are links to our:

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An Intelligent Approach to Debt Collection

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