Recruiters – How to Make Sure you are the Effective Cause

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I’ve blogged about various case studies before but a recent spike of backdoor hire cases in recruitment industry has prompted me to cover this aspect. Backdoor hires are one of the primary issues facing the recruitment industry along with candidate ownership disputes which I will cover another time. At Athena Collections we help many recruitment […]

How to Deal with Unpaid School Fees…

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Independent schools are like any other business and have to be financially sound however when it comes to recovering unpaid school fees they face delicate issues. A school must consider the best interest of the student but also have a balanced view as to when the formal debt recovery process should be invoked. In order […]

A New Journey Begins for a Debt Recovery Agency

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Debt Recovery Agency

My story began back in November 2000 working for a debt recovery agency, Connaught Collections UK Ltd. Since then it has been a roller coaster of emotions. A fantastic 17 years in the industry so far and hopefully at least another 17 more to come. I’ve made many contacts, professional relationships have been built and […]