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Case Management

Once the Case Listing Form has been completed the debt will be set up on our system using the information provided.
Costs and Interest will be added to the debt if permitted to do so in accordance with your terms or Late Payment Legislation.
First Letter of Claim will be sent within 24 hours of listing the case with us, notifying the debtor we are now instructed.

What happens next?

We will attempt to recover your debt (inclusive of any VAT), including costs and interest (if applicable) via letter, telephone & email.
As you already know, we work on a No Collection, No Commission basis and therefore our ultimate objective is to collect your debt as quickly as possible.
Our agreed commission is only charged to you on monies recovered (whether received by you or us and including any VAT that may be claimed on your behalf).
If your debtor makes contact with you then we kindly ask that you refer them to us so we may deal with them as it is likely that the outstanding balance we are chasing will be different to yours due to costs and interest being applied.

What happens if we do not collect your debt?

In the event we are not successful during the Pre-Litigation stage, we will report back to you and provide various options, for example, to write off the debt or maybe take legal or insolvency action.
We will quote the costs to you on a case by case basis and subject to your agreement, we will then issue you with a proforma invoice and instruct our solicitors upon receipt of your payment.
In essence, the decision to speculate or not is down to you, all we can do is present you with the information so you can make an informed decision and help you through that process.
Please rest assured that if we feel your case has little merit of success then we will recommend that you write off the debt. Ultimately, we do not want you to throw good money after bad and we want you to have the confidence in us so we may form a long-term relationship.

Are costs added to the debt?

On B2C (Business to Consumer) debts, we cannot add our costs to the debt unless there is a clause in your terms and conditions or contract which allows us to do so.
If you haven’t got a clause already then we recommend you insert one as soon as possible.
On B2B (Business to Business) debts, we can add our costs either by way of a contractual clause or in accordance with Late Payment Legislation. Our preference is to rely on a contractual term to avoid any ambiguity.

Can interest be added to the debt?

Same rule applies as with costs i.e. on B2C debts not unless there is specific provision to do so within a contract or terms and conditions.
On B2B debts you can claim either contractual (which can be anything providing it is deemed reasonable) or statutory interest. If you have a contractual clause then this must be used.
For B2B debts, if your contractual interest rate is 3% per annum, then it makes sense (unless there is any other reason) to either remove your contractual clause or amend it to mirror the statutory rate of 8% plus Bank of England base rate per annum.
Interest is typically calculated on a daily basis. We will work this out for you.

Do I pay Athena's costs?

Technically speaking yes, Athena’s engagement is with you and therefore Athena’s costs are your costs.
If you are legally entitled to your costs this will either be contractually or by statute law. In essence Athena is recovering your costs (if we are permitted to add these to the debt, contractually or by law).
If we are entitled to add our costs to your debt, then we will do our utmost to collect these from your debtor but in some instances, we may not be able to do so and therefore you will need to make an informed decision whether or not to pursue these.
Regardless if costs are recovered or not, Athena’s commission is still payable on monies recovered.
If we are not entitled to add our costs to your debt, then our commission fee will be calculated on the amount recovered and you will be liable for our costs.

To clarify...

How long does the process take?

This is dependent upon your debtor and whether or not your debtor engages with us.
If we haven't collected the debt beforehand then typically, by the end of a 3-4 week period, we will know what efforts are required to try and recover your debt. It may be that further action is required such as legal or insolvency action and therefore the length of time will be determined by the course of action chosen but also outside factors such as the court's caseload.

What do I do next?

Nothing, sit back and relax or do what matters most to your business, we have this under control!

We will contact you if we need any further information from you and will provide you with updates as and when certain milestones are reached.

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